Renewable Energy sources which is the alternative energy source have been initiated new challenges when it is connected to a grid. The power quality of the grid is affected due to injection of fluctuated wind power. So AC –AC converter is used for connecting RES with the grid. The three phase Matrix converter which converts AC-AC can be used than DC link AC_AC converter in WECS fed grid for better performance. There are some carrier based modulation techniques available for switching of 3 phase MC such as optimum venturini , venturini modulation and space vector modulation techniques. Selective Harmonic Elimination PWM (SHEPWM) algorithm is the novel technique in MC. This paper compares various conventional algorithm and also with SHEPWM algorithm. SHEPWM technique control in MC optimizes the linearized control of the output fundamental magnitude and it eliminates harmonics with lower order. The above SHEPWM technique and conventional modulation algorithms based a three phase MC are modelled in MATLAB simulation. Selective harmonic elimination technique in MC has been developed in MATLAB code. The results from simulation are discoursed and compared with traditional modulation algorithms. It is intended that the proposed SHEPWM technique based three phase MC gives better performance in terms of reduced THD and lower order harmonics in WECS fed grid compared to conventional modulation algorithms.

Selective Harmonic Elimination (SHE) - PWM Techniques | MATLAB Simulation

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