Type -C chopper or Two-quadrant type-A Chopper Type C chopper is obtained by connecting type –A  and type –B choppers in parallel.  We will always get a positive output voltage V0  as the freewheeling diode FD is present across the load.  When the chopper is on the freewheeling diode starts conducting and the output voltage v0 will be equal to Vs   . The direction of the load current i0 will be reversed. The current i0  will be flowing towards the source  and   it will be positive regardless the chopper is on or  the FD conducts.  The load current will be negative if the chopper is or the diode D2 conducts.  We can say the chopper and FD  operate together as type-A chopper in first quadrant. In the second quadrant, the chopper and D2 will operate together as type –B chopper.

Type - C Chopper | First & Second Quadrant Converter | MATLAB Simulation

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