The UPQC has the capability of improving power

quality at the point of installation on power distribution

systems or industrial power systems. The UPQC,

therefore, is expected to be one of the most powerful

solutions to large capacity loads sensitive to supply

voltage flicker/imbalance. With ideal compensation, the

voltage at PCC is the fundamental positive sequence

sinusoidal voltage of the power source side. The currents

of the source are sinusoidal current and the phase angles

of them are the same as the fundamental voltage in phase

respectively. In another words, with the function of the

UPQC, the load is equal to a resistance. As the UPQC is

a combination of series and shunt active filters, two

active filters have different functions. The series active

filter suppresses and isolates voltage-based distortions.

The shunt active filter cancels current-based distortions.

At the same time, it compensates reactive current of the

load and improves power factor. There are many control

methods to determine the reference value of the voltage

and the current, the most famous is the instantaneous

active and reactive power theory (the pq theory) that

Akagi proposed in and now the most popular is the dq0

UPQC - Unified Power Quality Conditioner (3 Phase)

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